While a building may look great on the outside, it may be necessary at times to bring it down. At times it may no longer be worthwhile or prudent to maintain a property. If construction experts discover that it has serious building code violations or structural issues, you may need to consider demolishing it.

Demolition entails destroying, dismantling, razing, or wrecking structure partially or fully. And there are several reasons why a building can be demolished.

To Remove the Danger of Collapse

The most common reason for bringing down a building is usually when it poses a danger to the occupants or the surrounding structures. After inspection, the building may be found to be in danger of collapsing or that its continued use poses a significant risk. The building itself may not be posing an immediate threat, but it may need to come down for the sake of long-term safety.

To Meet Building Codes

Changes in local or state building codes and regulations may force homeowners or managers of commercial properties to make expensive renovations if their structures are to meet the expected standards. In such cases, property owners might opt to demolish their structure and erect new ones instead.

To Pave the Way for New Buildings 

You may want to consider demolition as a process that regenerates building stocks over time. Demolishing a building may be a better alternative to incurring costly repairs and upgrades. As businesses grow, some may require additional space, and the only way to create such space is by bringing down the older structures.

As noted above, new buildings may need additional space for different purposes, such as parking lots. That may demand demolishing other older or less essential structures. Paving the way for a new building can also entail partially demolishing other structures.

Removing Damaged Structures

While there are many reasons for demolition, a pre-existing damaged building is a significant reason. Older buildings tend to have weaker foundations due to the degradation of building materials. Some of the materials may have reached a point where they cannot safely sustain a building.

Increase Property Value

A very effective way of boosting a property or plot’s value is by demolishing the existing structure on it. For example, if the current building looks old and you can’t get a buyer, or there’s no valid reason for keeping it standing then, you could consider demolishing it. Rather than keeping a dilapidated building, it’s more prudent to bring it down as it increases the property’s value.

Hazardous Materials Were Used in the Building 

Polychlorinated biphenyls, mercury, Asbestos, and lead are some of the toxic materials and chemicals previously used in construction. When such substances are found to have been used in the construction, part or whole may need to be brought down for health and safety reasons.

To Erase History

Lastly, some demolitions have cultural implications and clear cultural intent. Some structures may be demolished to erase an identity or collective memory which that building stands for. The purpose of such demolition would be to erect modern buildings that represent the new thinking or new realty.