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What Happens if Hazardous Waste is Not Disposed of Properly?

Hazardous waste is a material with harmful properties or capable of negatively affecting the environment or human health. It's generated from many sources that range from household waste, industrial manufacturing processes to products such as batteries. Hazardous waste comes in

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How Hazardous Waste Disposal Affects the Environment

Hazardous waste greatly impacts the environment. Water, air, and soil are all affected by the amounts of hazardous waste that we generate every day. Leachate, pollution, and contamination from hazardous waste all negatively impact the environment if not disposed of

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What is the Difference Between Level 1 and Level 2 Mold Remediation?

Most people know that mold growth in the house is a dangerous condition that comes with various health hazards, and it can easily lead to extensive structural damage to your building. When faced with mold contamination, you may not know

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Types of Residential and Light Commercial Demolition

Demolition is the systematic process of dismantling a structure by controlled or pre-planned methods. However, there is more to demolishing a building than swinging a wrecking ball or planting explosives— it entails highly trained experts experienced with working with different

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