Disaster Cleanup

Storm Damage Preparedness Checklist 2021

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Today, it's possible to determine your personal storm risk level if you live in a susceptible zone to storms or other natural hazards. It is wise to be ready for the hurricane season as it minimizes damage. You can also compile a storm damage preparedness checklist of things to do before, during, and after a

How to Prevent Water Damage After a Leak

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Think about the total number of hours you spend away from your home each day. That could be away at your place of work, on a family vacation, or a weekend getaway. Now, imagine coming home after a fruitful trip, outing, or day at work to find water in your living room, basement, or water

What is Water Extraction and Remediation?

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Besides turning your life upside down, flooding in the house comes with additional issues such as rooting wood and mold growth in areas where water has settled. Water damage affects the home and infrastructure's structural stability and can pose serious health risks if water extraction and remediation are not undertaken quickly. Whether the water is from a

What is Disaster Cleanup?

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Across the US, disasters happen all the time. These can be floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes, winter storms, and even building collapse. Disaster cleanup is hazardous and when a disaster strikes, many stakeholders come together to alleviate the suffering including government agencies. Cleanup activities expose those involved in the work to hazardous conditions. These include debris removal