Top 7 Tips to Choose the Right Demolition Contractor

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Choosing the right demolition contractor is critical if you want a successful demolition that goes as planned, safely, and efficiently. Towards those goals, you need to make the right choice by knowing what to look for in a good contractor. Here are 7 things to look for in a demolition contractor. 1. Licenses and Certifications 

What Happens When The Demolition Is Done?

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Demolition is considered part of the construction and is the most dangerous part. Demolitions are carried out in buildings that have become weakened by factors like ongoing operation, natural forces (floods, storms), explosions, fires, or wear and tear. Demolishing involves knocking down entire walls and tearing down entire buildings. Demolition tends to produces tons and

How Long Does it Take to Do a Demolition Project?

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Demolition is the partial or complete removal of unwanted buildings or structures. The structures can be houses or commercial properties. While the process of demolition might sound like merely knocking down a building, it does entail much more. One such consideration is how long it will take do demolish a structure. Several factors affect how long your

What is the Purpose of Demolition?

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While a building may look great on the outside, it may be necessary at times to bring it down. At times it may no longer be worthwhile or prudent to maintain a property. If construction experts discover that it has serious building code violations or structural issues, you may need to consider demolishing it. Demolition

What Are the Safety Measures for Demolition?

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Demolishing a structure is often referred to as the reverse of construction and presents construction workers with particular challenges. Demolition involves hidden risks such as chemicals hidden within the buildings like asbestos, the unknown weakness or strength of materials. Many of these risks associated with demolishing a structure can be avoided through appropriate safety planning, demolition sequencing,

What is the Process of Demolition?

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Demolition is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of building construction work. As more structures are constructed, a time comes when we need to demolish the old ones, either to make room for newer ones or safety reasons. Every building comes with a lifespan; it's design life. For example, an architect may design a house

What is a Demolition Plan?

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Contrary to popular belief, the demolition process is not as straightforward as it seems. While most people assume that it is just a simplistic exercise of tearing down a building or structure, the demolition process is more intricate. Most buildings built till the 1970s were made of asbestos, a material that has been proved to

Types of Residential and Light Commercial Demolition

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Demolition is the systematic process of dismantling a structure by controlled or pre-planned methods. However, there is more to demolishing a building than swinging a wrecking ball or planting explosives— it entails highly trained experts experienced with working with different materials, physics, weather conditions, and debris. You might think that demolition is similar no matter