Much remains unknown about COVID-19, but we know that regularly washing hands, keeping physical distance, and disinfecting our shared spaces help reduce its spread. However, we must not forget the significance of cleaning our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and air duct systems.

There are tons of misinformation out there about coronavirus protection, which makes it’s important to clarify one thing: although home duct cleaning might help prevent the spread of the illness such as Covid-19 in your home, it’s not a cure-all solution. In light of such developments, ASHRAE recently released a statement that urges cleaning and changes to HVAC and filtration systems to reduce infection spread risk.

HVAC and your Health

It’s generally accepted that the greater the number of persons in an indoor space, the greater the need for ventilation with fresh outdoor air. This is achieved through an HVAC and ducts system. Currently, air duct cleaning is the only way of thoroughly cleaning your entire duct network. On the other hand, new research indicates that Coronavirus transmission via the HVAC system is more likely than not. This makes it vital to ensure your ducts are cleaned properly and sanitized regularly.

Over the past three decades since the formation of NADC, air duct cleaning technology has come a long way. Duct cleaning is no longer a project afterthought but an important component of improved indoor air quality in buildings. Today, ASHRAE recommends improving the ventilation and filtration systems so that HVAC systems might operate optimally towards protecting health.

Importance of Duct Cleaning and Covid-19

The design, layout, type, occupancy, and HVAC system of a building can impact the potential spread of airborne viruses and diseases. This is the reason why if not periodically cleaned, dirty ducts in your home can potentially recirculate infections and germs. In medical and health crises like the current Covid-19 Pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting ducts must be a top priority in homes, offices, and medical buildings to win the battle against this virus.

Clean air ducts come with two main benefits. They keep potentially harmful pollutants out of the air we breathe, including tiny, breathable disease-causing particles that could make Covid-19 worse. Secondly, they purify and clean air, ensuring that the virus doesn’t travel freely in case it makes its way into your home.

While improvements in air cleaning and ventilation cannot on their own totally eliminate the danger of airborne transmission of Covid-19, EPA recommends boosting ventilation with air filtration, an important component of the larger containment strategy.


As the world takes to indoor living due to the Coronavirus threat, duct cleaning services are taking center stage as home and building owners look for ways of improving the quality of indoor air. Towards this goal, the ideal relationship between duct cleaners and fabricators would be an improved HVAC system design that is not just energy-efficient but acts as a giant air purifier for the entire home or building.

That clean ducts may not altogether stop the spread of the Coronavirus is a fact. Still, they can help reduce the spread when combined with other strategies such as keeping physical distance, washing hands, and regularly sanitizing your surroundings.