Hazarduous Waste

Unfortunate events happen. With bio, toxic, crime scene and hazardous waste, Priority Abatement & Remediation can help. The odors and wastes range from mildly threatening to extremely deadly in residential, vehicle, commercial and industrial environments. We provide through professional, safe and courteous service.

Managing bio and waste materials is not only an environmental challenge but a legal one as well. At Alliance, we utilize sophisticated remediation technologies while relying on our experience and comprehensive understanding of current regulations.

Diseases can be contracted, which is why Priority Abatement & Remediation have been properly inoculated and trained in the use proper personal protective equipment to perform the remediation.

Priority Abatement & Remediation offers a full range of services for the management of bio, toxic and hazardous materials, including…

• Site remediation

• Trauma site and crime scene decontamination and remediation

• Assisting in chemical analysis

• Assistance with identification

• Obtaining toxic, bio and hazardous storage or consolidation

• Assistance with required profile sheets and paperwork

• Adhere to strict abatement protocols, standards and procedures.

• All Bio-Hazardous waste is disposed through a federally licensed waste company

Priority Abatement & Remediation provides trauma site decontamination which includes disinfecting, odor neutralization and total removal of biological infectious waste, blood or body fluids for residential, vehicle, commercial and industrial environments.